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The birth of women circling women


In Santa Cruz, CA at the time, Stacy fell into an amazing community of women. Pregnant with her first child, she attended a prenatal yoga circle, and the group of women she connected with met every week  for the first couple of years of her parenting journey. These women helped form who she was and how she parented. These women have become life-long, life-changing friends who she still connects with today. The experience instilled a need to sit among women to have space to learn, grow and mature and a desire to provide that space for other women.

In 2004, Stacy found herself in Duluth, MN, in January, seven and a half months pregnant with her second child, alone. She did not know a soul. She struggled to find a place to form meaningful connections through pregnancy and mothering like the space she had in Santa Cruz, CA,  So, she set out to build a similar community to surround and support herself. In Duluth, she continued her role as a Le Leache League leader, she got involved with the Childbirth Collective, she created a post-partum support group, and started offering Whole Birth Yoga classes. As time unfolded, she began to see how interlacing circles connected women and drew them closer in relationship. It was with this thought, that the dream of Women Circling Women was born. 

Since that time, Stacy has sought to connect women through her yoga circles. The women who join her classes find them to be a non-judgmental space where they are free to ask questions, share their stories, cry, look for advice, and most importantly, find others to weave their own nets of support for the post-partum period and beyond. The overlapping circles of birthing mothers created through Stacy's classes have had an enormous impact on the Twin Ports community, inspiring birth workers, joining women together to form baby wearing and parenting groups, influencing hospitals to become more woman-centered, giving women a stronger voice in their birthing experience. A progressive school has even formed from the relationships fostered inside these circles. 

Stacy is committed to creating and sustaining these circles. She feels like there's nothing like the strength of women, their voices, and their passions. AND, she feels strongly that women need to be supported and taken care of themselves so that they can be their true best selves. 


Stacy Holden, Yoga Instructor

Stacy is a certified Whole Birth Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor and Blooma Pre-natal Yoga Instructor. She is actively involved in the birth community. She has been sitting in birth circles in our community since 2004. Then in 2007, she founded the Birth & Baby Fair bringing the whole birthing community together. She is also trained as a birth doula, and was formerly an accredited La Leche League Leader.  Her most important job is as a homeschooling mother of four amazing, athletic children who she carts over the world in order to fulfill their dreams!

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