The circle of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we are strong.
— Sark

Women Circling Women

Prenatal | Postnatal | Mamanatal


Motherhood is about evolving circles.
Circles growing larger and circles encompassing other circles.

As you enter motherhood, your circles of support grow, change, and evolve.
A strong circle that can surround you, hold you, and support you
during this time of change is vital to empower you as you birth into motherhood.

Our yoga circles help pregnant women and mamas
create circles that support them and their growing families.

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Mondays 7:00-9:00

Yoga during pregnancy allows your body to move and stretch, to provide relief from stiffness, and will increase comfort throughout your pregnancy. Our circle will also support you emotionally during your journey from woman to mother by engaging in a weekly discussion about pregnancy and birth.


Postnatal | Mamanatal

Tuesdays 7:00-8:30

After pregnancy and birth, you have become a mother. The need for support and community is even stronger. This circle is a place to share joys and struggles and learn from other wise mothers. The yoga will help stretch those mama muscles that work so hard and strength and heal the body after pregnancy.

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Couples Yoga

Select Thursdays 7:00-9:00

Couples yoga is an opportunity to connect with your partner to sit with each other, listen to each other, and feel heard. You will work together to support each other and help each other stretch.

“It was time well spent, away from my family, to connect with my soon-to-come baby. Having that group of women to be with is priceless. Stacy’s knowledge and example is highly nourishing. I loved it.”
— Sarah, Mama of 7
Stacy Holden, and this group, served as a lifeline to me during an emotionally challenging time. I always left out meetings feeling better than when I arrived.
— Carol, Mama of 1