Women Circling Women prenatal yoga is a fantastic outpouring of emotional support for all mamas to be. It was an invaluable resource during my pregnancy and recommend it to everyone. I learned more from the Stacy and the fellow moms than I did in ANY other resource I used during pregnancy.
— Tara, Mama of 1

The yoga itself is the cherry on top of the most amazing sundae! Going into my first class I was simply looking for a way to stay active during pregnancy #3, leaving that same class I knew I had found something magical. The trust, support, friendships, tears and laughter built in that circle will be cherished memories forever. Stacy is such a wonderfully gifted person and such a talented teacher! I can not recommend this class enough!
— Karlie, Mama of 3
What an inspiration this yoga circle was to me throughout my pregnancy, birth, and into motherhood. I looked forward to the Monday night classes throughout pregnancy, not only for the physical capacities that were strengthened, but also the emotional and spiritual connections that were made, between mama and baby, and mama and other mamas. During birth, I utilized countless coping strategies that I gained from the class. Now a mama to a toddler, I’m still chatting with the women who were in my yoga circle. Truly an investment that will last a lifetime!
— Elaine, Mama of 1

Stacy creates confident, connected, loved mothers, who are prepared with a well of love and kindness. In my years of midwifery, I could always tell if my client was doing prenatal yoga with Stacy: I could hear it in her laboring moans and words as soon as I walked in the door! Every mom—first time or baby number five on the way—should find her way to Stacy’s class. It’s called prenatal yoga, but it’s really community weaving and mama-making.
— Jana, Midwife

Women Circling Women prenatal yoga isn’t just a yoga class to physically get your body ready for labor. This class prepares your mind, body and soul for the arrival of your baby. I have made many friendships through this class and it also provided a birthing/parenting community I could fall back on in times of need/support. Stacy is full of great advice, support and love.
— Sarah, Mama of 3
I learned so much that I didn’t already know from my first pregnancy while attending the Monday sessions with the group discussions and the yoga was a great way for me to connect with my baby and my body! It also definetly helped and came into play while I was laboring with baby #2 and I was able to have the natural labor I wanted which I didn’t have with my first. Met lots of awesome mama’s as well and we all still stay in touch!
— Andrea, Mama of 2

I don’t think I can over-state how much I love coming to this yoga group. This is my first pregnancy, and the group’s support and connectedness is invaluable! I feel like I’m preparing both my body and my soul for labor, birth, and parenthood.

The yoga is gentle (but not too easy) and Stacy includes many variations for women who are at different stages of pregnancy and have different needs (“This is great if you’re experiencing sciatica,” “Do this a little differently if you have super bad heartburn,” etc.).

Overall, a wonderful experience and an excellent resource for pregnant women!
— Ayla, Mama of 1

Women circling women isn’t just prenatal yoga to me. The circle that Stacy has created allows all mothers in the Twin Ports Community to be part of a never-ending path of support, one that starts the moment you join. Your classmates, peers, friends, mothers are there to support your path through prenatal care, but I have been so lucky to have these women extend beyond the physical yoga circle and be webbed into my life and parenting journey. And then, when I had my next child, I was welcomed home—back—with open arms by the new circle—by Stacy, by some familiar faces, and some new. I learned so much about myself, about who I wanted to be, and what kind of impact I wanted to make on my child’s life.

Stacy initiated conversations meant to inspire, educate, and assess the effects of our decisions during prenatal care and birthing, but I received much more than just a checklist of topics to discuss with my OB. I have gained confidence as a woman and as a mother, and I found the circle of friends and support I was looking for. It didn’t matter what my birthing choices were—a hospital, a home birth, a chosen cesarean.

Stacy and the circle introduced me to options, allowed me to make my own choices, and then the circle supported me in carrying out MY choices. I would come home from yoga, giddy with excitement to tell my husband all about what I learned, discussed, and contributed. I initiated conversations with him that we hadn’t considered, and we both felt like our relationship benefited from the sometimes hour long discussions that ensued.

My first circle holds those feelings of naivety and utter rawness, emotions at a heightened state. Returning a second time ignited a different set of emotions, one that I can attribute to experience of motherhood. Honestly, the day we met, the day I joined the circle, I never knew how much these women would mean to me.
— Angie, Mama of 2