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Through your pregnancy journey, many resources are needed. During our circles new and seasoned mamas share their favorite and trusted resources with each other. These are not sponsored links, merely an effort to share the wisdom of the circle in a wider venue. We hope this list gives mothers to be a jump start on their research and help them decide what resources best meets their needs. If your favorite resource is missing or you have a business you feel would fit well here connect with us and let us know!


lake superior birth collective

Lake Superior Birth Collective provides a safe, open, respectful environment for families of all walks of life to learn, connect, and grow through their parenting journey. 



Advent Midwifery.png

advent midwifery

Bringing a child into the world is undoubtedly one of life's most amazing and most challenging experiences. It can change our bodies, our minds, our relationships, our families and our priorities. Advent Midwifery offers comprehensive home birth services based on the belief that childbirth is an incredibly personal life event that deserves both competent and compassionate care. Through evidence-based practices and the acknowledgement of each family's unique needs and desires, home birth midwifery care supports each woman to confidently discover her own way to give birth, at home.


duluth midwife

I believe that changing the way we do pregnancy and birth has the potential to truly change the world! When women have more knowledge about the birth process, they can make clearer and more intentional choices.  They can be empowered in their pregnancy and birth experiences and start motherhood with a sense of confidence.  It is my job as a midwife to hold the space for women as they navigate their own pregnancies, serving them as a guide and a support when called on. 


Earth Roots Midwifery

Earth roots midwifery

Earth Roots Midwifery supports families by offering family-centered care that cultivates the Biodynamic Model of care; this means that I support a woman and her baby with the least amount of interventions, while protecting their well-being with Evidence-Based Practices. I believe that encouraging and supporting women to access their intuition and make Informed Choices about their care, is the cornerstone of helping women to feel empowered by their experiences. I envision a world where every person, regardless of their race, religious faith,  gender identity, socioeconomic status, or choice of birth setting, has access to midwifery care.


Lake Superior Midwifery

lake superior midwifery

The mission of LSM is to provide evidence based and empowering care to women and families. LSM is proud to provide individualized care for each of its home birth clients as well as gynecologic clients. The LSM midwives firmly believe parents are the best decision makers for their families and our role is to provide information and support you on your own pregnancy, birth and parenting journeys.






Birth is magical! Abracadoula aims to provide continuous support to help keep the magic of birth and new life alive throughout labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Abracadoula is a birth and postpartum doula service. 

A doula helps support mom before, during, and after birth. 
Doulas support communication between all members of the birth team aiming to meet mom's needs and desires during labor and birth.


lunula doula

Birth is a beautiful and natural experience that every person has the capability and power to endure. There are many choices that come with pregnancy, birth and postpartum and education is key to deciding what is right for you! 
 I believe that every birthing person deserves to have a support system to give them undivided attention, love, and support through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 


North Shore Doula

north shore doula

Being a doula is my true life's work and passion. I strongly believe in the power of the female body. Our bodies are  capable of incredible things. I love providing support to women and their families during one of the most important time in their lives. 

My personal mission in life is to inspire all whom I come into contact with on a daily basis to live their best lives through love, compassion, and grace. 

nurturing littles.jpg

nurturing littles postpartum doula

A postpartum Doula helps with breastfeeding, PPD and anything else you may need help with postpartum.


Placenta Encapsulation

Lunula Duluth

Duluth Placenta



Essentia Health

The birthing center at Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center offers the full spectrum of labor and delivery options. Our maternity care specialists understand that each family approaches birthing in their own way, and we will work with you to create a birthing environment that matches your preferences and meets the health needs of you and your baby. 

St. Lukes

Our team is committed to providing you with the customized birth experience you deserve. When it comes to pain management during labor, our team supports everything from non-interventional or low-intervention labor techniques to nitrous oxide and epidurals. We want you to labor and deliver in the way that you want. All of the services we offer are designed to give you as many options as possible, and we encourage you to outline your wishes for your birth experience using our birth plan.

Community Memorial

Welcome your new baby in comfort and surrounded by loving care at the Birthing Suites. We pride ourselves on giving mothers, their babies and families friendly, small-town attention with all the medical services you’d expect at a big city hospital. Your baby will usually be delivered by your doctor, your baby will room with you, and we’ll make sure that your spouse and family members are comfortable, too!


Duluth Family Medicine Clinic

Duluth Family Medicine Clinic is staffed by new and experienced Family
Medicine physicians who are knowledgeable of the latest research, treatments, and

For 40 years, the Duluth Family Medicine Clinic has been caring for individuals
and families living in Duluth and the surrounding region. Our friendly, professional team
look forward to being a partner in your medical care.

They provide obstetric care for normal pregnancies and may deliver at either hospital.



the lactation club

TLC is a weekly (every Tuesday, 1:00-3:00PM) drop-in for moms who are breastfeeding or thinking about breastfeeding.  We offer a relaxed spot where you can visit with a certified Lactation Consultant and other breastfeeding moms.  It might just be the support you need!

Essentia Health Lakewalk Center  
1502 London Road Duluth MN
Front Lobby Conference Room


Body Work


jonker chiropratic, SC

Dr. Laura Jonker is a Chiropractor in Duluth, MN. After graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Dr. Laura Jonker went on to study at Northwestern Health Sciences University and obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2007. She also completed her certification through the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice in advanced study of prenatal and pediatric chiropractic. Working with pregnant women and children has always been part of the reason for pursuing a career in Chiropractic. She continues to focus her post-doctorate training on issues in women's health. Dr. Laura and her husband, Jake moved to the Twin Ports area in 2008 when Jake became the LSSTEPguitar instructor and the classical guitar instructor at UMD. In 2012 they had a daughter, Ana, who continues to teach them both how to have fun!


luke chiropractic and wellness

At Luke Chiropractic & Wellness, we believe the true power of healing lies within each of us.

We are a patient-centered office with a gentle approach to proven chiropractic methods to address difficulties such as back pain, headaches, neck pain, joint injuries, digestive problems, and more. 

From infants to seniors, quick fixes to lifetime care, we would love to be your chiropractor.


Northern Lights

northern lights wellness craniosacral therapy

For over 25 years Deb has been providing support for mothers and babies during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Her passion for supporting birthing women and children has inspired her to pursue a varied career developing national and international programs within the SIDS and birth communities.

Debra works with people of all ages to help them improve their physical and emotional health and wellness. Specializing in gentle hands-on therapy to restore balance to the body, her techniques have helped thousands of families experience more comfortable pregnancies, easier births and happier babies.


Rooted Folks

rooted folks center for evolution, healing and wellness

At Rooted Folks Center for Evolution we seek to remember the wise ways of
walking this Earth.  With vibrant love, health, and positivity we offer remembering through our services. With every breath, with every step, we choose to consciously evolve. Rooted deeply, we welcome the new age of peace with you.

Our new Superior healing studio is located in a beautiful historic building on the corner of Hammond and Broadway.  This location offers space for community acupuncture, meditation classes, yoga classes, Reiki classes, and individual sessions.


kristy marie massage therapy

Kristy Marie Massage offers individualized care for each of her clients. Kristy Marie, owner and massage therapist, draws from her vast toolbox of studies in a myriad of modalities. She has training and certification in the following:  myofascial release (1, 2, unwinding, fascial pelvis, cirvical throacic, rebounding and skill enhancement seminar, all with John Barnes)  , neuromuscular therapy (NMT), cranial sacral therapy, lomi lomi 1 & 2, pregnancy massage, reflexology, hot stone therapy, shiatsu, and swedish massage.