Couples Yoga


Couples yoga is an opportunity to connect with your partner to sit with each other, listen to each other, and feel heard. There will be opportunities to connect during pregnancy and prepare together for birthing, parenting, and partnering together and for parents to spend time focusing on each other without  little ones needing your attention. Take this opportunity to make your partner relationship a priority.


Couples Yoga: Connection

Thursday APRIL 26th, 7:00-9:00PM     $30/couple

This class is for pregnant in any stage of pregnancy or parenthood. It is a time away from the hectic pace of life, work and family. It's a chance to sit quietly with each other, listening to each others needs and feeling heard by your partner. It's a lovely way to connect and prepare for birthing/parenting/and partnering together. Put it on your Couples Care List! Pre-registration $30/couple, $40/couple at the door.

Please connect with us or purchase below to pre-register.

We have a two year old with a baby on the way, and time alone together is hard to come by. We tried couple’s yoga (my husband was surprisingly willing!), and it was a space that gently guided us into connection, conversations that don’t often happen on their own these days, eye contact, and supportive touch while moving together through some yoga. We could’ve gone out to dinner with our “night off”, but I can’t imagine any other date night bringing us that close together. We hope to make it a regular thing, because our family works better when we remember we’re an “us” outside of parenting together.
— Steph, mama of 2